Distressed Vintage Levent Area Rug

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The rug designed for living rooms, not showrooms

The Levent rug really has a special spot in our hearts… The color tones in this red and beige rug are reminiscent of traditional oriental rugs that many of us grew up with! With a simple design, this rustic area rug is all about simple elegance. While designing this rug, we wanted it to be able to look great in any room. The distressed effect of this low pile rug gives it a casual look while maintaining its luxury- this means that it makes both an ideal bedroom rug or a dining room rug, as well as every room rug in between. 

Made in Turkey, this machine washable rug has been designed to withstand high foot traffic. Coated in our NanoWipe technology, no spills or stains get absorbed by this rug. Spills can be cleaned off easily, and if the floor rug does get very dirty, simply put it in the washer!

This rug has been designed for indoor use only. While we do recommend a rug pad for hard floors, one is not included.

You don't need to choose between easy to clean and style with us.  The Vintage Crown collection is the perfect blend of easy to clean, durability and style. 


Wine, coffee etc. simply rolls off the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth with zero stainings. NanoWipe coats each fiber individually which means the texture of the fabric remains unaffected and allowing the rug to “breathe”. 


They take a beating though. If you’re looking for an easy-care rug that can stand up to the traffic, and be thrown into the washing machine to bring it back to looking like new again, these rugs tick all the boxes.


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Certified Safe by


OEKO-TEX certificate certifies that the chemical substances used to make the rugs are not harmful to humans.

The "NanoWipe" Protection later uses silica-based nanoparticles to apply an ultra-thin hydrophobic and oleophobic invisible film that encases each fibre of your rug while still keeping it breathable. This prevents water and stains from setting into the fibre of the rug, sitting atop the protective film instead.

ECO-FRIENDLY "NanoWipe" is water-based, contains no solvents, VOCs or Fluorocarbons. Also the rug is constructed from recycled cotton.

Vintage Crown
Style Vintage / Overdyed
80% Recycled Cotton, 20% Polyester - 100% Recyclable Rugs
Pile Height
1⁄8" (approx.)
Rug Pad Recommended
Area Rug Care Blot spills with a paper towel or colorless cloth, Machine Washable
Made In 

 General Cleaning Instructions

1. Regular cleaning is essential for carpets. You should brush your carpets preferably brush vacuuming on daily or weekly depending on the density of traffic on the surface of carpet.

2. The carpet should be kept away from such as detergents, hard surface cleaners, bleach etc... Such similar substances should never be used for cleaning. These substances can damage the carpet. Carpet shampoo is enough for cleaning.

3. Carpets should be cleaned and wiped with soft rags.

4. The maximum water temperature should be 86°F / 30°C.

5. The carpet should be dried as soon as possible after cleaning. The drying process should never be under the sun.

Pantone Colors include:

16-1441 TPX Arabesque

15-4415 TPX Milky Blue

13-1006 TPX Creme Brulee

19-0405 TPX Beluga