Vintage Crown

Insanely Easy 

Made for living rooms- not showrooms, our Vintage Crown collection features designs inspired by traditional and timelessly elegant oriental Turkish rugs, but with a modern twist! Vintage Crown is best described as a bohemian rug collection that uses traditional motifs commonly seen in Persian rugs such as medallions, patchwork design and florals as a basis for our designs. Each rug in this collection features a distressed look that is seen in many homes and looks stunning in floor coverings.

Persian rugs traditionally are made by hand from wool or silk and are dyed using natural colors, and our team of in-house designers have taken these classics and designed every single rug in this collection using this as their inspiration. 

Unlike any other area rugs on the market, ours have been coated with an Everklean protective layer which prevents any spills from soaking into the rug and damaging it. Rather, spills sit on top of the rug and simply wipe off with a damp cloth! Washable area rugs are ideal for those with busy family homes as they are made to withstand everyday dirt and spills more than other rugs. This feature also makes them great pet-friendly rugs, as it is easy to clean up any accidents- our rugs truly are life-proof!

Made from a unique blend of cotton, viscose, and polypropylene, our machine-washable rugs are unique, with each area rug distressed by hand. These rugs are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and machine washable. They are the perfect living room rug, hallway rug, bedroom rugs, or dining room rug. We like to cater to all tastes and needs, and this range contains colorful rugs, gray rugs, large rugs, and small rugs alike.